Domains & Hosting

Top Level Domains .com .biz .org .info  etc

At 55,000 UGX per annum,  you can have your preferred domain registered with us that is after checking for its availabilty.Incase you would opt to have the your own server we can adjust the DNS details to point to your server.
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Country Level Domains Like .ug  etc

At 155,000 UGX per annum,  you can have your preferred country level domain registered with us.
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 Web hosting.
Are you ready to take your data into your own hands, own your blog, own your own photos, and do much more?  Our web hosting plan can put it all on the web for you, give you the tools, bandwidth, the storage space you need and support you when you need help. Definition413® is the answer to your webhosting problems. Try our great hosting packages today.
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Businesses are constantly rated by the customers depending on various factors like how they conduct business, what they stand for and how they communicate with their clients. Free email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! are very popular and the perfect choice for private use as there are no costs attached. However email addresses reflecting company names or brand names command respect and portray professionalism of the company to the customers and public. This usually goes along with running a web site which needs to be designed and hosted and, after all, of course paid for.
That’s why we decided to offer ‘Email Hosting‘a professional email service. At a fraction of the costs for a full web site Email Hosting like personalized POP3 / IMAP email addresses like
All Email Packages come with: Web Mail,POP3 Mail ,IMAP Mail ,Email Forwarding ,Auto Responder , Mailing Lists & Spam Filters
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